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Regular exercise can improve the mental health of people with depression.

Exercise can help ward off the holiday blues

Christmas is meant to be the season of giving, sharing time with friends and reflecting on the good things in life. But for many people the holiday season is fraught with difficulties and can present a number of unwelcome challenges. …

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Health and wellbeing are often linked to lifestyle.

Men can boost overall health and wellbeing by making lifestyle changes

In the summer months it can be hard to keep track of appointments with doctors or other healthcare professionals. But increasing levels of obesity, as well as some cancers means that men need to pay closer attention to their bodies. …

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Some workplaces may have a negative impact on the appearance of your skin.

Skin care tips for the office worker

Working in an office has its benefits, but when it comes to skin care these environments can often have negative impacts on your appearance. However, there are steps any individual can take with fairly little expense to avoid problems with …

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Women may improve their health by taking regular walks.

Mothers could boost their health simply by taking regular walks

For many women having a baby can be one of the joys in life, however, it can also mean rapid weight gain. And while a number of diets offer advice on how to modify your eating habits and ways to …

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Eating patterns of parents influence diet  of young.

Scientists warn against high sodium foods for babies

Parents are often on their own weight loss programs or special diets, but it seems that when it comes to children they may apply different standards. Researchers in the US have found that many people are serving meals and snacks …

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Mediterranean diet is focus of new study.

Eating a Mediterranean diet may extend life expectancy

For those who enjoy eating fresh tomatoes, cumber and herbs with olive oil drizzled on top will be pleased to know that researchers also share their enthusiasm for the Mediterranean diet. Scientists at the University of Gothenburg have found that …

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Skin care routines may change with the seasons.

How to look after skin in problem weather conditions

For those who live in cities along the east coast of Australia the unpredictable weather may have impacted on your skin. With dramatic fluctuations in the temperature from day to day, as well as periods of heavy rain followed by …

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Enjoy healthy skin this summer.

Summer skin care tips

With the mercury rising in cities and towns across Australia, it is time to seriously reconsider your skin care routine. And while it might seem nice at the time sporting a 'sun-kissed' tan is not always a good idea, especially …

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Eating well is often about lifestyle changes.

Healthy eating tips for the holiday season

It can be difficult to lose weight during the festive season and at Christmas most people are planning to relax on strict eating plans. And while it may not be advisable to make changes in the lead up to the …

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Age may present a barrier to fertility.

Report: women delay having children

Women are waiting longer to have children with many holding off giving birth until they reach the age of 30 or above. New figures released from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (December 21) show that women are giving …

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